CPR Classes and EMT training in Corona, California

If you’re in the medical field and looking for EMT training, ACLS classes, PALS CPR Classes and EMT Training in Corona, Californiaclasses, NREMT Skills Testing or other skilled training to further your career or stay up-to-date with your certifications, HealthPro EMS Training, Inc. has you covered. We proudly serve students in the Corona, California region. 

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Corona, California CPR Classes


HealthPro EMS Training offers a variety of first-response training and certifications. All of our courses are taught by professional experts such as firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, and registered nurses who continually inspire our students to be an active member of the emergency medical community. We do this through a hands-on approach and active learning environment that fosters the skill and confidence students need for a successful career. HealthPro instructors are skilled in CPR training, EMT classes, ACLS classes, BLS CPR classes, and more, so no matter what your need is, we have you covered. 


AHA Instructor Network


The American Heart Association (AHA) is one of the most widely known and recognized certification routes. AHA is a research organization and has established guidelines for training across the United States. Interested in becoming AHA certified? HealthPro has a dedicated team of instructors who help to train and mentor students interested in becoming AHA certified in a variety of courses. 

We offer multiple American Heart Association Courses including: 

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Heartsaver CPR, AED & First Aid


CPR Guidelines


The American Heart Association publishes CPR guidelines that are updated approximately every five years. The guidelines consist of multiple steps medical professionals and others should take when administering CPR, to reach the best possible outcome. 

Current CPR Guidelines include: 

  • Keeping a compression rate of at least 100 minutes 
  • Keeping compression depth of between 2-2.4 inches for adults and youth and 1.5 inches for infants
  • Allowing complete chest recoil after each compression
  • Minimal interruptions
  • Don’t over ventilate
  • Provide CPR with a team of people when possible


CPR training is crucial for emergency responders. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation can save a life. It helps maintain blood flow to the brain and heart. While HealthPro EMS Training doesn’t offer free CPR classes, we do offer CPR certification renewal. 

Basic Life Support and cardiopulmonary resuscitation classes are the standard when you work in a field of work where lifesaving training is needed. Basic Life Support training basically means that you’ve received your certification in CPR. There are varying levels of CPR training depending on job requirements. For instance, a firefighter or other first responder will need further training than a lifeguard or a babysitter. No matter the level of training you need, HealthPro can help. 

For people who are seeking their Basic Life Skills certification through the American Heart Association’s BLS for Healthcare Providers blended course, the BLS Skills Session gives students the opportunity to practice with hands-on training and experience what it’s really like in the field during an emergency situation. 


The skills session covers all the key skills required by most first responders including:

  • Evaluating the patient for responsiveness
  • Calling for help/AED
  • Checking for breathing and/or a pulse
  • Chest compressions/proper hand and finger placement
  • Breaths
  • Clearing a patient for AED
  • Delivering shocks with AED when/if necessary


You’ll be given the opportunity to practice these skills multiple times in sequence, and then you’ll have the chance to test your skills without assistance while being evaluated by an experienced instructor.  


What is ACLS Certification? 


ACLS stands for Advanced Cardiac Life Support and refers to a set of qualifications that medical professionals use to treat cardiac arrest and other urgent cardiac emergencies such as stroke and myocardial infarction. Healthcare professionals who are certified in ACLS demonstrate they have been trained on par with the standards of the American Heart Association. A certification in ACLS means a person is knowledgeable and qualified to:

  • Recognize when proper life support techniques should be used and which techniques are necessary
  • Perform basic life support techniques during emergency situations
  • Able to properly perform life-saving techniques for cardiac arrest and other respiratory problems
  • Properly determine if ACLS pharmaceuticals are necessary and administer them properly
  • Manage airways of a patient in distress
  • Lead a resuscitation team


Students completing HealthPro’s ACLS training will be able to successfully perform all of the above tasks.

Taking the Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) pretest is one of the best ways to measure your knowledge on the subject. While we don’t offer pre-testing at our facility, students can bring their pretest results and our instructors use those results to guide their lessons and better prepare students for the ACLS test.  

We can show you what areas you most need to study in order to pass the ACLS exam and help you to refresh your memory on course material you’re already familiar with. Whether this is your first time obtaining your ACLS Certification or you’re trying to recertify — the material you need to know is the same. We will help you learn or review critical information from your ACLS pretest to see how much you already know or what information you need to study further in order to pass your ACLS exam.  

Taking the ACLS pretest before coming to our class will also help you to see what type of questions may be on the ACLS exam. Knowing what types of questions to expect on the exam and the format they may be in can help to ease stress and give you confidence on the day of the exam. If you struggled with the pretest, it may mean you aren’t prepared for the exam and you should take more time to study the materials. We will help guide you through the areas you struggled with on the pretest. If the pretest was easy for you, you can move forward confidently, knowing that you’re well prepared.


AHA Blended Learning


We understand that everybody has different schedules and learning styles, which is why HealthPro EMT Training offers flexible, convenient, and trusted eLearning blended courses. eLearning offers students the flexibility of learning at their own pace and in their own time. Courses are self directed online. We combine eLearning and online studies with hands-on skill sessions where students can put their knowledge to the test in person with an AHA instructor. 


EMT Training in Corona, California


HealthPro EMS Training offers EMT classes in Corona, California that are specifically designed to provide students the necessary skills to work as an Emergency Medical Technician. Whether you’re interested in becoming a firefighter, working on an ambulance, or becoming an emergency care technician at a hospital, our EMT course will give you all the knowledge and expertise you need to pass the National Registry Exam. 

Our EMT classes are often taken by people planning to attend medical school, nursing school, or Physical Assistant school. We offer three EMT courses including full time, nights & weekends, and a hybrid course to fit your specific scheduling needs. We also have an EMT refresher course and an EMT skills verification course.   


NREMT Skills Testing


National Registry psychomotor examinations (NREMT) are standardized examinations administered across the United States to students seeking a career in the medical emergency field. EMT psychomotor exams are coordinated by either the State EMS Office or by other educational institutions under authority of the state. All advanced level psychomotor exams (Advanced EMT and Paramedic) are authorized and monitored by an official National Registry Exam Representative. Medical professionals who are seeking to become certified as an emergency medical technician must successfully complete a state-approved EMT course that meets or exceeds the National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards. HealthPro EMS Training helps students prepare for their NREMT exam by studying their NREMT practice tests, one-on-one guidance, and hands-on training from skilled professionals. 


EMT Training Requirements


Our EMT Basic Training courses teach students expert skills needed for emergency situations. You may be wondering what you can do with an EMT Certification. Our courses help students start or advance their careers as EMTs, paramedics, registered nurses and other medical professionals every day. Course topics include:

  • How to assess the patient’s condition
  • The proper procedures for administering CPR
  • The proper procedures for administering AED
  • Stopping blood loss
  • Efficient bandaging techniques
  • First response treatment for common injuries
  • Managing respiratory problems
  • Emergency childbirth techniques


Our EMT students will receive hours of training both on and off the field. To enroll, a student must be at least 18 and have a high school diploma or GED. 


EMT Responsibilities


Emergency Medical Technicians respond to a variety of emergency situations and our training is designed to prepare students for real-life scenarios. An example of EMT and paramedic responsibilities include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Responding to 911 calls
  • Assessing a patient’s condition
  • Determining the best course of action or treatment based on individual assessments
  • Providing life-saving treatment such as CPR when necessary
  • Transporting patients by ambulance to a medical facility or hospital when necessary
  • Transferring patients to the emergency room
  • Reporting observations and treatment to doctors and hospital staff upon arrival
  • Documenting medical care
  • Taking inventory of supplies and equipment
  • Replacing equipment when necessary
  • Cleaning equipment and supplies after use


How Long is EMT Training?


HealthPro’s EMT training classes are between 8-12 weeks in duration, depending on the student and their schedule. We offer three EMT course options designed to fit your needs, including full time, nights and weekends, or a hybrid course. 


Prerequisites for the EMT Training course include:

  • You must be at least 18
  • You must have a high school diploma or GED
  • You must have the AHA Basic Life Support for Healthcare Provider CPR Card
  • You must acquire the appropriate uniform for class
  • You must be current on all immunizations
  • You must pass and bring a copy of your Tuberculosis Skin Test (within last 6 months)
  • You must successfully pass the required physical
  • You must meet grooming standards – men must be clean shaven and women must have their hair pulled back or braided. No visible piercings and tattoos must be covered


Corona, California EMT Training


EMT Physical Requirements


EMTs and paramedics must be physically strong and have stamina. During many emergency situations, EMTs may be required to lift heavy objects, transport patients, push and pull heavy objects, and often run or work quickly. 


EMT  Salary


The average salary for an EMT in 2018 was $34,616. About half of EMTs make less than this amount and half make more. Salaries can range anywhere from $33K to $37K depending on training and experience.  


EMT vs Paramedic


The main differences between an EMT and a paramedic is their level of training, experience, and what procedures they are legally allowed to perform. EMTs routinely perform CPR, glucose testing and test oxygen levels. A paramedic can perform all of these as well as more complex tests such as inserting an IV line, administering drugs, intubation, and manual defibrillation. The first step to becoming a paramedic is getting certified as an EMT. 


About Us:


HealthPro EMS Training is passionate about helping students to become active members in the emergency medical community. We believe in offering a variety of learning styles and schedules to meet the needs of all our students. We also believe a hands-on approach with an experienced instructor helps our students to be better prepared in the field when faced with an emergency situation. All of our courses are designed to help medical professionals be confident of their decisions during an emergency. We strive to provide excellence in everything we do. Contact us today at 951-370-1617 to learn more or sign up for a training course.